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Design Thinking

More than just a rainbow color sticky notes! An emphatic way to put in order ideas and concepts. It must combine both, creative + analytical approach and outcome of multidisciplinary collaborative practice.    

Strategic Direction

The world has become liquid, Change is present in everything and to manage uncertainty, it is necessary to make forward-looking decisions, managing knowledge, information and risks.  

Business Design

Because innovation does not always mean something "brand new" or "tech", put the little ideas into practice, and get great results by improving the existing ones. BMG toolkit is also useful for reshaping. 

Lean Startup

How to turn a great idea into great business? Create and prototype fast, fail cheap, adapt, reshape and iterate. Focus on action and validation. Martin L. King said, "I have a dream", not I have a plan... Chase your unicorn!

Conceptualization and Prototyping

People learn by doing. Being able to share ideas and co-create in the early stage development, allows teams to try out your ideas without the pressure of getting everything right straight away.

Mobile and Apps

There’s an app for that but how to find it? App stores are offering overwhelming number of apps, controlled by search algorithm environment. Digital strategy beyond apps. Mobile is IoT, AI, ML, and Saas...

UX and Interaction

Designing the right digital and physical end-user experience and interaction, is about meeting people needs and generating positive emotions. Good memories helps to build loyalty. 

Brand Expression

People no longer buy products and services! They want stories, relations, purpose and transparency. A trustable brand expression is only when what you say and what you do are in harmony. 

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