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Receptive like an agency, acting like a start-up and delivering creative problem-solving solutions for the challenges in today's "liquid modernity" society.


Designing new economics

Some pay too much attention to the cost of starting to do things in a different way. Instead, they should worry more about the cost of not doing it.

Casa BatllĂł

Business Model Design

Casa BatllĂł

Steroids for an outdated audio-guide! Impact your customers with an immersive AR/VR experience without additional fee.

Circular Economy

altran - The iProject award finalist

CBLP is a circular economy project, solving the cigarette butt littering and environmental problem, by creating a high added value recycled materials.

Lean Startup

Curated Experience

Corporate spin-off. CE is a content platform that creates experiences and added value for musea, cultural centers, touristic POI, and leisure places.

Soundscapes Design

Sound Design For Architecture

Re-imagine the experience from an auditory point of view. "We never see the same thing, when we also hear it. We never hear the same thing, when we also see it".


Co-creators Hub


We channel global talent, resources and passion to help impact projects, movements or challenges go from a good idea to the Next Big Thing.

Strategic Innovation


With the aim of expanding the company's portfolio, T&T (Tourism and Technology) is the common driver to create a new services bundle.


Flagship-Store Design

The barber shop

Rethink the men’s spaces! Engage target consumers through physical and emotional expression of the brand.


Which sector are unicorns born in?

Problems can often be solved when seen from a different angle.

We believe that mixing the ideas of different groups of people from different backgrounds offers better results.


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